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Bruce Mason, Designer Randy Bradley, Developer
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main highlights

More themes

At MIUI.AM you can install any themes you want: from the official Theme Store or themes created by independent designers.

More icons

With our customization, most of the popular apps already have a icon matching the default theme, keeping it in line with Xiaomi's aesthetic.

More memory

For the control freaks out there, with less bloatware and background services you'll always have free RAM to spare.

More battery

With system optimizations and reduces memory consumption, you won't be chasing after power outlets for a while.

More translations

Being one of the first custom ROMs out there using Global ROMs as base, MIUI.AM supports over 70 different languages and dialects.

More speed

Our ROMs are optimized so you can have a fast and stable environment in anything you set your mind to do.

Less bloatware

Your phone is yours, and you sould have control over what comes preinstalled on it. Because of that, we remove all unecessary apps from our ROM.

Less ads

We strive to minimize advertising on the system so your daily use can be as pleasant as possible.


With everything we change on the ROM, we couldn't forget about giving a taste of MIUI.AM in custom wallpapers and animations.


Need any help? You can talk directly to the ROMs developer in our official Telegram group or by contacting us via email.

full modifications list

  • Based on Global MIUI 10 ROMs on devices that supports it;
  • Extended icon pack for the classic theme with over 3000 apps customized for use with it;
  • Over 70 languages and dialects to choose from translated and reviewed by over 4000 collaborators from Xiaomi;
  • Optimizations in memory consumption with reduced background services and unecessary apps;
  • Ad-Block in most of the default apps (apps updated through Play Store might not remove all ads, but they'll be reduced);
  • Music streaming
    (Currently, only on India region. Patch coming soon)
  • Face unlock on supported devices
    (Currently, only on India and HK regions. Patch coming soon);
  • OTA updates for donors ans collaborators
  • Quick search on swiping up at the Home screen;
  • Third-party themes importing on the native Themes app;
  • Extended support for the T9 dialer;
  • Extra system animations;
  • GPS configuration optimized for global use;
  • Automatic OIS calibration on cameras that supports it;
  • Extra grid sizes on the Home screen;
  • 3D Touch support on all Mi 5S variants;
  • SAfetyNet and Google Play Certified on supported devices;
  • Deodexed and ready to extra modifications;
  • Security Center with Automated tasks;
  • Forced encryption disabled by default;
  • Global Apps (Mi Drop, File Explorer, Mi Video and Music) for China-Only devices;
  • Global App vault for China-only devices