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Version 8.9.13/8.9.7/8.9.6 (September 17, 2018)

New - Added script to remove forced encryption and dm-verity for all devices
(added as a script as a security measure if our kernel patch isnt properly applied on future version, thus preventing user data from being encrypted between updates)
New - Added support for Mi 8 Global ROM
New - Fixed bootloop on Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi 4X
New - New boot animation
Optimization - Correction to OTA's initial donor system
(still in implementation and internal testing)

[Screen Recorder]
Fix - Incorrect status indicator in the Notification shade shortcuts

[Quick ball]
Fix - Translation issues in Quick ball (Redmi Note 5 Pro)

Fix - Cities from other countries being displayed on wrong timezones

Fix - Display issue in Apple Music notifications
Fix - No push messages on floating notifications when using third-party apps (Mi 8)
Fix - Texts superimposed on Telegram notifications
Fix - Notifications for WhatsApp and Telegram being displayed in double (Mi 6)
Fix - Some app icons were not displayed in the Notification shade (Redmi Note 5 Pro)
Fix - Some notifications could not be dismissed
Fix - Some app icons weren't properly displayed in the Notifications area of Notification shade

Fix - Shadows visible on the numbers of default calendar app

Fix - Shortcut to the cleanup function was created whenever the app was used

Fix - Panorama mode does not work (Redmi Note 5 Pro)
Fix - Continuous Camera Failure (Redmi Note 5 Pro)

[Security Center]
Fix - Text Indicators in Security and Security Displaying Incorrectly
Fix - Translation problems in the First Aid module

[Dual apps]
Fix - Dual apps do not work

Fix - Full screen option unavailable on the player
Fix - Full-screen playback does not work (Redmi Note 5 Pro)

DeviceCodenameBaseMIUI.AM VersionDownload
Redmi 3Sland8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi 4Arolex8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi 4prada8.11.15 China 1
Redmi 4 Promarkf/markw8.11.15 China 1
Redmi 4Xsantoni8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi 5Ariva8.11.1 Global 1
Redmi 5rosy8.11.1 Global 1
Redmi 5 Plusvince8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi 6 Prosakura8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi S2ysl8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 3 Prokenzo8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 3 Pro SEkate8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 4nikel8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 4Xmido8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 5Augg8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 5A Liteugglite8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Note 5 Prowhyred8.11.15 Global 1
Redmi Proomega8.11.8 China 1
Mi 4ClibraV10.1.1.0 China 1
Mi 4SaquaV10.1.1.0 China 1
Mi 5gemini8.11.15 Global 1
Mi 5Cmeri/song8.11.15 China 1
Mi 5Scapricorn8.11.15 Global 1
Mi 5S Plusnatrium8.11.15 Global 1
Mi 5Xtiffany8.11.2 China 1
Mi 6sagit8.11.15 Global 1
Mi 6Xwayne8.11.15 China 1
Mi 8dipper8.11.15 Global 1
Mi 8 Explorerursa8.11.15 China 1
Mi 8 Liteplatina8.11.15 China 1
Mi 8 ProequuleusV10.0.2.0 China 1
Mi 8 SEsiriusN/AN/AN/A
Mi Maxhydrogen8.11.15 Global 1
Mi Max Primehelium8.11.15 Global 1
Mi Max 2oxygen8.11.15 Global 1
Mi Max 3nitrogen8.11.15 Global 1
Mi MIXlithium8.11.15 Global 1
Mi MIX 2chiron8.11.15 Global 1
Mi MIX 2Spolaris8.11.15 Global 1
Mi MIX 3perseusN/AN/AN/A
Mi Note 2scorpio8.11.15 Global 1
Mi Note 3jason8.11.15 Global 1